Dog Wash Equipment

Looking for a terrific opportunity that’s simple, convenient and hassle-free? How about a Pet Wash vending station? As a business opportunity and a creative way to help pet owners, Pet Wash systems are easy to maintain, fun to operate and a super simple business venture that’s sure to clean up.

Dog Gone Dog Wash is the Missouri / Kansas Distributor for All Paws Pet Wash. We currently have one location in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Dog Gone Dog Wash Pet Wash is family-owned and operated in Lee’s Summit, MO. Since our family owned company C K Enterprises opened its doors in 1981, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. We want to share with you just how easy it is to use one of these pet washes and in doing so, giving your pet A Dog Gone Good Wash!

Commercial Dog Wash Stations

Modular Pet Wash

ADA Modular Pet Wash Buildings
Our modular pet wash buildings offer all of the convenience of our APW models with the addition of a fully enclosed building. A sizable pet washing bay (or two) attached to an equipment room, these buildings are fully air-conditioned for the summer months and heated (water too) for those cold winter months. Complete with a dryer and vacuum for sucking up all of the excess water left on your pet after a wash, we ensure that pets will be comfortable while also being pampered. Modular buildings come in two sizes, a single and a double and are completely ADA compliant.

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Stationary Tub Pet Wash Stations

APW Pet Wash Units
Experience the Owner/Operator Benefits of a Self-Serve Pet Wash

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