Car Wash Chemicals and Detergents sigseries

Signature Series is a premium carwash detergent line. It is directly sought for its superior performance and our highly competitive market pricing. Our Signature Series product line offers guaranteed performance by always providing the cleanest, driest and shiniest vehicle possible. Delivering that “WOW” factor, ensuring consistent return visits from satisfied customers. Signature Series features our complete lines; Boss Process, ProWash, PowerBlend, Detailer’s Choice and specialty products Xcel and Aerify.

Food Plant Sanitation Chemicals cfslogo

C K Enterprises is dedicated to providing quality cleaning products and detergents, as we believe this is the key to keeping people safe and protecting your company’s assets. In order to do this, we provide a complete line of sanitation chemical products.

Pressure Washer Chemicals


View many of C K’s environmentally designed, high foaming and economically sound cleaners for all of your pressure washing needs.

Industrial Process Chemicals & Detergents


Discover the numerous industrial cleaning chemicals manufactured by C K Enterprises. C K chemicals are manufactured to the highest quality and tested for economical uses and are environmentally friendly.



There is nothing like having the solution to a problem at your finger tips. With C K’s all star lineup of problem solving aerosols, the answer is always at hand. Whether you need a lubricant, protective coating, deodorant or just a glass cleaner, we have the answer to all your industrial and commercial needs.