Car Wash Components

Touchless In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Equipment


For the past 30 years, PDQ has provided the carwash industry with cutting-edge technological advances in carwash equipment and carwash systems, including the first contouring arch and the Virtual Treadle.

PDQ has always been recognized as the world-leading manufacturer of touchless carwash equipment with one of the most powerful names in the industry – LaserWash®.

That same energy and passion that we bring to the touchless industry is being unleashed onto the friction market with our ProTouch® line of in-bay automatic brush equipment.

Friction In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Equipment


PDQ has pioneered a new industry defining vehicle cleaning method with the ProTouch® Tandem. This superior wash system incorporates both touch-free and friction, giving operators who prefer the “clean” produced by friction systems a new choice. The ProTouch Tandem’s full-body detergent coverage and simplified two brush engineering provides consistent cleaning performance with minimal brush contact. On average, the ProTouch Tandem touches the vehicle up to 70% less than five brush car wash systems on the market.

With the widest top brush coverage in the industry, the foam brushes are torque sensitive to monitor the contour of the vehicle and provide low-force cleaning power. The side-profiling, high-pressure wash arms effectively remove stubborn soil from the vehicle’s surface. Plus, the three stage wheel cleaning system includes chemical application, rotating soft rim scrubbers and high-pressure wheel blasters.

Conveyorized Tunnel Equipment

With world-class installation and support through SONNY’S industry-leading network of Select Service Organizations (SSOs), over 12 million dollars in ready-to-ship inventory, and straightforward design using an open architecture comprised of minimally-proprietary components, SONNY’S is a total carwash business solution.

SONNY’S complete carwash tunnel systems are designed to meet your specific requirements – tunnels under 100 ft., over 100 ft., Xtreme Xpress and Fleet-O-Matic.

Truck and Bus Wash Equipment

The largest trucking companies in the world regularly use InterClean systems to successfully wash their fleets. All these systems are unattended, automated and require no detailing. Some of these InterClean systems exceed 7000 monthly washes with very little maintenance being required.

InterClean systems do not use deadly hydrofluoric acids in cleaning, yet they outperform other truck wash systems on the market.