Car Wash Marketing



From promotional offers, to car wash menu display signs, our team of highly skilled designers take pride in building attractive artwork to help promote your business. Not only can our in-house team design it, they can print it and ship it too! With large format printing capabilities up to 600 dpi, there isn’t much they can’t handle.

Selling and up selling customers that walk in the door is important. A well established and profitable car wash understands and knows this. Our Marketing Catalog contains many options to help you choose what will work best. Our team of designers take pride in developing material for our customers and distributors network.

Benefits of proper signage:

· Business identity
· Improves your image
· Information and direction
· Enhances your location

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Private Labeling


Do you want to start your own brand? Do you want to create your own line of products?

Then, call us today to use our Private Labeling services. Be among the many companies and businesses in a variety of industries all over the world that have trusted C K Enterprises to create their products!

What is Private Labeling?

Private Labeling is creating your own personalized products under your own brand name. You simply tell us what type of product you are looking for and we will make it happen! Branding is a great advantage. By putting forth your own personalized image it will create a positive reflection on your company which in turn will lead to a higher customer loyalty and can assist you in earning new customers as well. Creating your own product using our private labeling program is the best way to turn your own ideas and dreams into a reality. You can provide your customers with a personalized brand made for them.