The Ghost Spray-Case-TEST

Scent elimination for hunting is a complex subject. There are a number of products on the market which are sold to make you scentless in the field. However, most of them suffer from limitations that reduce their effectiveness. Odor absorbers, such as carbon sprays and baking soda, begin to lose their ability to protect against scents because of limited odor intake. Once full, they can no longer protect. Enzyme products work on a limited range of odors, usually protein odors and human bacteria. These can be very effective on those particular odors, but they tend to work slowly and have a limited lifespan because they are eliminated as neutralization occurs. In addition, they tend to be somewhat expensive, since a high percentage of enzyme is required to give protection for extended periods.

The problem: human odor is not the only scent that puts deer and other game on alert. Any non-native odor will make them wary. Tobacco smoke, food odors, petroleum scents from gasoline and diesel vehicles, urine and many other scents can cause problems. Even cover scents can trigger an alert if the odor is stronger than usual. It is far better to be totally scentless, ensuring that the game has no warning sign of the intruder in its environment. The Ghost Scent Eliminator Spray’s advance formula works to kill scent at the source. The Ghost destroys odor instantly on contact and is effective as long as the product is present! It works until you wash it off. No more ruined afternoon hunts because your scent spray lost its power! No other formula works as long and on as many types of odors as The Ghost.

Use The Ghost Body Soap while in the shower to remove body odors.  To eliminate scent from clothing, wash with The Ghost Clothes Wash. Finish by spraying The Ghost Total Scent Eliminator all over your body, your clothes, your vehicle and your hunting equipment to further eliminate odors. The Ghost works instantly and works all day to eliminate not only human odor, but also a variety of other odors that can alert game, such as food, tobacco, petroleum, urine and many other scents. Hunt Scentless! Hunt with The Ghost!

The Ghost Total Scent Eliminator:

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