Micro Odor Blaster




Micro Odor Blaster works by combining the oxygen in the air with odor molecules causing any odor to disappear. It is very effective at removing smoke odors. It is formulated with patented technology that provides immediate metabolic activity (waste degradation). It is also environmentally safe. FOR USE IN: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages, cat boxes, garbage cans, cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, and anywhere malodors can be found, just spray in the air and it will remove most odors in minutes or seconds (depending on the odor). It is safe on wood, ceramic tile, plastics, fiberglass, laminates, metal, rubber and fabrics. It blasts cooking odors from meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit. Diesel fuel odors, human and animal waste, most mold and mildew odors, smoke and pet odors, ammonias and other common odors are effectively removed. It can be used as a room spray, in carpet extraction cleaning, diaper pails, bed linen, or added to wash machines.

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